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Kids Cooking School in Penang

Makers Shakers BakersMakers Shakers Bakers is a cooking school for kids and adults that recently opened for business in Tanjung Bungah Hillside. Cooking is an important skill to learn right up there with reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. Teach your kids how to cook when they are young, and they'll be capable of feeding themselves something more elaborate than sandwiches or instant noodle soup when they finally become independent and move out. If you're really lucky, they'll be such fast learners that you can start delegating the family meals to them while they're still in the house. One of my boys has practically memorized the Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream recipe and can make it without any help. The day when I realized that I could sit back and order my offspring to make me homemade ice cream was a rather awesome day.

Mazel who is the owner, head chef, and #1 teacher at Makers Shakers Bakers aims to provide a place where kids can

  • Explore the world of cooking
  • Learn about fresh ingredients and where they come from or are grown
  • Discover how to prepare balanced meals
  • Most importantly, have fun in the kitchen

My younger two children stopped by last week to attend one of Makers Shakers Bakers special Easter week classes. I dropped them off, and when I came back, they were nibbling at Marshmallow and Honey Puff Baskets filled with crumbled chocolate cake, covered with fondant icing, and decorated with more marshmallows. Mazel was busy boxing up each child's frosted chocolate brownies for them to take away to enjoy at home an share with their families. (Or in my case, allow their mama to surreptitiously sneak bites while they are at school.)

What Do Kids Learn to Cook?

Mazel does not just teach kids how to make sweets. Her weekly classes include a variety of foods from Cucumber Cheese Boats with Veggie Sails to Sushi to Spaghetti and Meatballs. Some classes have Western dishes while others are Asian. In the course of a few weeks, kids can learn to make starters, mains, desserts, and breakfast. I do think that is setting kids on a good, nutritious path to follow. 

Fun Place for a Birthday Party

If you're like me, you start wondering how exactly you are supposed to entertain all your children's friends when hosting a birthday party. At Makers Shakers Bakers, parties can be tailored to your needs. The kids can all pitch in to make the Birthday Cake or help with preparing the goodies they snack on during the party. Mazel can provide decorations and balloons. In their gift bag, guests get recipe cards for all the treats they made.  

For Adults Too

The fun is not reserved for only kids since Makers Shakers Bakers also holds adult cooking classes six times each month in the evening and on Saturdays. You could learn how to make Penang Hokkien Char one week and Afternoon Tea Scones the next. 

If you just don't feel like cooking, Mazel offers food for take away starting at 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The selection varies, so stop by to see what is available. Chicken pie, homemade pizza, quiche, Scotch eggs, briyani, and cake were recent offerings. She can also take orders for cake, cookies, and other foods to be picked up another day. On Saturdays and Sundays, Makers Shakers Bakers sells breakfast foods and fresh fruit juices from 8:30-11AM. Grab some food and head over to the park across the street for a picnic. 

Supper Club is held two times a month and is limited to just 10 people. One delicious menu included pea soup, smoked salmon and prawn cocktail salad, sticky glazed roasted pork belly with butter mash, and golden syrup sponge cake. The cost is RM75 pax. Bring your own wine without worrying about paying a corkage fee. 

You may also book the space for a private social gathering with food provided. Imagine having your book club meeting here so no one has to host or cook but without all the ambient noise of a public restaurant.

How to Register

The cooking school's regular sessions take place after school and on Saturdays. Weekly classes are divided by age group (5 years old all the way through teens) and last for 60 minutes. The cost is RM300 for a 10-week block or RM360 for the 12-week block. An initial registration fee of RM100 includes a welcome pack and personalized apron. Contact Mazel at makersshakersbakers@gmail.com, by telephone at 012-354-2832, or see the Facebook Page for more information. Makers Shakers Bakers is located at No. 12, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4 in the shoplots across from the park near Alila Homes. 


  1. That's a nice idea. It sounds like a great place for a whole family outing too.

  2. Great, thanks for sharing. I am wondering do i look like a big kid instead of going for the adult category? it makes me look younger :P

  3. How unique an idea, to let the kids create a birthday cake, etc. This is such a great way to teach the kids to be creative and have a lot of fun too. Now the kids can do all the work for their parents birthday parties, instead of the other way around.

  4. Awesome place for kids to be - they could be 'masterchefs' in the making!

  5. That is very cool - a cooking school for both kids and adults - can't say we have such a thing here in Toronto (separate schools for adults and kids). What a fun way to learn how to cook and develop those skills together as a family. It's not surprising either these types of schools exist in Asia -- food and eating is such a family event! :)

  6. Hey really a great blog dear. I also teach my kids to explore the world of cooking. I always teach them making new dishes in a unique way and your article is really great inspiration for them. I have started taking online cooking classes also, so that I can help them in any way.


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