Sunday, November 8, 2015

Someday, I will visit Budapest

Parliament as seen from across the Danube
(Photo by my hubby)

I scrolled through the photos on my phone trying to find something for a little Weekend Travel Inspiration. Nothing. Nada. Naught. Instead, my life and my photo feed has been filled with elaborate, homemade Halloween costumes, school theatre and musical performances, and Girl Scout ceremonies. It's a good life. It's a full life. But I no longer regularly fly off to foreign countries as I did when I was an expat. So, I turned to hubby's phone.

He still gets to go places. When I was at the Girl Scout glamping campout a few weeks ago making sure young girls didn't get lost in woods at night, he spent the weekend solo in Budapest. Twice a year, he gets to goes to Hungary for two weeks on business. While most of his time is spent in the town of Debrecen, he often heads to Budapest over to the weekend for a little travel exploration. He's done it so many times that he's seen almost everything that the estimable Rick Steves has suggested.

I've never been to Hungary, so hubby tells me what it's like. He orders mouth-watering Esterhazy cake and tells me that it's delicious. He visits the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, a medicinal bath which could pass for a Baroque palace, and tells me what it's like to soak in its healing waters while feeling like he's in the spin cycle of a giant washing machine. He does not usually take photos, but he makes a point of taking them while he's there so he can show me what he sees. He brings me scrumptious chocolates from Szamos and paprika, too.

Someday, I will visit Budapest with him and experience it for myself.

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  1. I feel your pain. My husband used to travel a lot - to cool countries like Papua New Guinea and the Philippines and Honduras while I stayed home. Now the tables are turning and one day you will be able to travel at will. I have not been to Hungary yet either and would love to spend a little time in Budapest.

  2. Don't I know the feeling. I had meant to travel a lot more this year but life just keeps getting i the way.

  3. Some day I'll visit Budapest as well :)

  4. Hi Michele! You know that I've been to Budapest, and love it. I still have some paprika that I bought from a local lady at the Great Market. If you like fois gras, ask your husband to bring you back a can of the locally made, which is also found in the Great Market. :) Thanks for linking up. #TPThursday

  5. Visiting Budapest has been a dream come true for me. Last month, I travel jet lag free with jetLAGFX I had so much fun and I had a lot of stories that I can't keep to myself.

  6. Michele, You will love Budapest when you finally get there. At least you'll have your own personal tour guide!

  7. Can't you tag along on on trip, after all if he is going for work surely the accommodation is already paid - and that's half the cost of the travel :)

  8. Hi Michele, I understand your frustration at your photos not reflecting exotic locations and instead home explorations and fun. And your husband getting to travel is doubly annoying lol. Will you travel abroad when the kids have a break from school?

  9. We're hoping to hit Europe over summer break, but probably not Budapest.

  10. I'm hoping that maybe someday the grandparents will be able to watch the kids, and he and I can have a romantic getaway to Budapest.

  11. Oh I hope you get to go someday! Budapest is so lovely and I really fell in love with it and with the food!! I think tagging along on his business trip is the perfect opportunity, since all you will have to do is purchase an extra plane ticket ;).

  12. Although I wasn't a big fan of Budapest, your husband is right - Esterhazy cake is freakin' amazing. I think Hungarians are just really adept dessert-makers. Although you may not be jetting off to foreign places as regularly as you used to, I hope to read more of your adventures in TX. And the time at home will just make your next trip abroad that much sweeter. :-)


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