Thursday, March 5, 2015

Create Your Own Treats at Goofy's Candy Company

Look closely. This sign is made out of jelly beans.

I kind of feel like I need to make up for showing you all those dead and about-to-be-dead chickens last week. In a 180 degree turnaround, I'm focusing this post on the sweet treats of Goofy's Candy Company in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

When we first decided to visit DisneyWorld in Florida last year, what do you think was one of the first things my daughter put on the To Do list? Pictures with Anna and Elsa from Frozen? Nope. Thank goodness because the line for that character greeting was 3 hours long. A princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique nestled in Cinderella's Castle? Nope. My girl has never been the "princessy" type unless it's Princess Peach from Mario Brothers. Instead, she is one, giant walking sweet tooth. She takes after both her parents. So, when she said she wanted to visit Goofy's Candy Company, there wasn't much arm twisting to convince the rest of the family to go along.

Truer things have never been said.

Like all other things Disney, this store goes above and beyond what you'd expect to find in a regular place in the real world. Sure, there's sour balls and gummi bears, but there's also a wall of frozen slushy dispensers in a multitude of flavors and an incredible selection of other delights to more than satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of them are part of the Disney Dining Plan's snack allotment, too.

Caramel apples dressed up like Disney characters

Caramel apples, Cake pops, and pretzel rods and strawberries dipped in chocolate

Cookies and Macarons

Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treat as big as a dinner plate

The middle of the store is where they make many of the treats. Huge vats of melted chocolate or caramel scent the air. One lady was busy with a rubber mallet hammering sticks into giant apples before dipping and decorating them. It was fun to watch the sweets in different stages of the production process.

Marshmallows stacked on the end of Mickey twisty straws waiting to become...

Chocolate and sugar dipped marshmallow Mickey treats

The absolute best part of the store, and the entire reason why my girl wanted to visit Goofy's Candy Company, is the Create Your Own Treat option. 

Start by filling out your selection sheet. So many choices! It took a while for them to make everything. Don't plan on dashing in and out.

My teen opted for customizing a Mickey Krispy Rice Treat.

Dipped in dark chocolate then covered in chopped peanuts

White chocolate drizzle on top

The finished product

My other son and my daughter each picked a Caramel Apple.

Being dipped in milk chocolate

Covered in crushed Oreo crumbs

The biggest problem you'll have is finishing it. These things are huge. 

So much apple

My hubby also discovered that caramel apples are really hard to cut with a plastic knife if you're planning on sharing them. Sometimes, all a kid can do is pick it up, open wide, and take a bite.

Caramel apple dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkles with white chocolate drizzle

Do you have a sweet tooth? What treat would you pick?

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  1. Oh, wow, I'm drooling at all of those goodies! I'd have a field day with all of the gummies, and those chocolate dipped marshmallows look amazing!

  2. OMG as a certified sweet tooth, this is my kind of place. Would love to have some of those marshmallows, and the apples are indeed huge. What a find!

  3. Oh I definitely need to visit, i'd choose the rice krispies but idk what else...

  4. Cute! Every kid would want to make their own candy treat.

  5. I can almost imagine the wonderful smells in this place! I read your comment on my Honolulu post and suggested in my response how fun a post would be about your parents' trip to Honolulu with the tale your mom told you on your first trip there. I absolutely loved that snippet of a story you told in the comment. Thanks for the visit and loved this post!

  6. Michele, I'm not a sweets eater except to order them at restaurants for photos. Don't get me wrong they are amazing! I just am more of a savory person. That said, would you pulllEEEZZE send me two of those Mickey Krispy Rice Treats??? Pretty please? I would chomp down on one of those no problem! Now, I want something sweet...see what you did?? LOL :) Have a great weekend and I hope all of you are doing fantastic!! :)

  7. Michele, This is one of my favorite things to do! I love come in and get busy type of activities, make you own everything. I would go for the caramel apples as well! Yum!

    1. And thanks for participating in #wkendtravelinspiration Michele!

  8. I like interactive attractions like that. My kids made Aztek chocolate in Mexico a few years ago and loved it :)

  9. I love Goofy's Candy Kitchen. They used to have a peanut butter sandwich cookie on the "make your own" list that was the best (like a giant mickey shaped oreo). I'll always miss those cookies, but the caramel apples are pretty great too.

  10. I think I would have to go for the Monsters Inc cake pops. What an odyssey if candy!

  11. I am a huge fan of candy and this sounds like a shop I would love to visit.

  12. I've been known to eat a bit of candy! This would be a lot of fun, but I can't get over the size of those candy apples. I can't imagine trying to cut one with a plastic knife! :)

  13. I would have a chocolate heart (dark) and a strawberry Mickey Macaroon. I'm laughing at the plastic knife conquering (not) the toffee apple. :)

  14. SO.MUCH.YUMMY.CANDY!!!!! Oh, I'd just go crazy here. Such a great take-home gift for the relatives.

  15. It's not just your daughter - even as a fully grown married woman, I can't tell you how excited I'd be if I got a chance to create and design my own treat!! The rice Krispy thing covered in chocolate looks delicious! It must have been so much fun!

  16. Thank God, your daughter is not princessy - saves you from spending most of your day lining up for princess stuff. I'm sure you and your hubby and super glad that she chose to go to the sweet shops so you can both indulge your sweet tooth yourself:) Wow, this store is truly sweetness galore.I don't have sweet tooth but if I go I pick the same one that your daughter got. I like rice crispy treats.

  17. We loved Goofy's Candy Co. Although, there are some new treats here since our last visit. We all have a sweet tooth so we spent more money here than we wanted to. I love that this was on your daughter's wish list instead of all the princessy stuff. We've never done the whole Bibbidy boutique thing either. Now, I'm craving for some sweets!


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