Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm a Cover Model!

Something really unexpected happened the last few weeks that we were in Penang. I got an email from Expatriate Lifestyle, a glossy print magazine in Malaysia, asking the kids and I to be on the cover of their July 2014 issue. A sane person in the midst of ending the school year, preparing to visit the Philippines and Italy, AND moving the household across the ocean that month might have replied, "Sorry, I'm busy." I am not a sane person as my hubby will attest. He constantly tells me, "You're crazy," to which I retort, "Well, you married me. So, who's the crazy one?"

That is how I found myself chatting with my friend on a school bus while chaperoning a field trip and saying, "Guess what? I'm doing a magazine cover photo shoot tonight!" I still couldn't believe my good fortune. It kind of felt like the first time a guy asked me out on a real date. What? Someone likes me? How can that be? Is someone pranking me? 

Like a first First Date, I spent a ton of time doing my hair and makeup. And just like when I was growing up in hot, humid Houston, my hair fell and I started sweating like crazy once I stepped out into the Penang outdoors to meet the magazine team at the Gurney Hawker Center.

Only two of my three kids got to come along as my oldest had semester final exams the next day. "Grades before fame," I told him. To say that he was bummed out would be an understatement.

The photo shoot was fun. There were photography lights and reflectors along with a big camera. I'm sure that the hawker center customers walking by were wondering what was going on.

OMG, I'm on a magazine!!

What it looked like from my side of the table.

July is the annual Penang issue. In addition to myself, they also interviewed both my good friend Penang Momma about her fitness lifestyle as well as the director of the school that my kids attended. He grew up in Penang as a Third Culture Kid and then returned to raise his own family here. Finally, since food is such a big part of what there is to enjoy in Penang, they interviewed Robyn Eckhardt from the blog Eating Asia.

Here's a Behind the Scenes video of Expatriate Lifestyle's time in Penang.

The thing is...

I'm no longer in Penang.

So, I have to wait until someone from Penang comes to Texas and brings me a copy to hold this issue in my hands. This is much faster than relying on the snail pace international mail system.

Perhaps it's best that I'm not there. Otherwise, I'd be embarassing myself pointing it out around town. I'd be at the Borders Bookstore Starbucks in Queensbay Mall hanging around the magazine rack hoping that someone would recognize me on the cover.

"Why yes, that's me. Well, I guess I could autograph it for you."

All in all, it was a rather fantastic way to end my time on the beautiful island of Penang.


  1. How cool is that!! Congratulations! I had to have a little giggle imagining you lurking around magazine racks. I would so be the same lol

  2. We are SO proud of you AND the kids, Michele!!! That is absolutely terrific and I loved how you included the "What it looked like from my side of the table..." picture. It couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving family who has spent their time there and sharing the wonderful experiences you have. I'm so bummed that you have to wait so long to get a copy of it though! Huge congratulations from your two friends here in Reno....Mike and Phoenix :)

  3. Wow, Michele, that's a perfect ending to your stay in in Penang! So glad you didn't say you were busy!

  4. I'm also sending my congratulations to you and to the magazine for making such an perfect choice for their cover picture and story. I'm looking forward to hearing about your next adventure in Texas- welcome home. Ummm, can I have your autograph?

  5. That's so cool! I enjoyed seeing your family in the video too!

  6. Wow, that's so cool, a fitting way to end your time in Penang. Btw, I love the behind the scenes video clip ...

  7. Oh congrats! I didnt realise it was you - I have a copy of the magazine on my table, as I type this. Well-deserved, I would ask for your autograph if I could. :P

  8. Hey that is cool you are on that magazine cover! How exciting!

  9. This is awesome news, and the cover shot is great! What a perfect ending to your time in Penang!

  10. Well done, Michele! I wish I could brag about something like that too...


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