Sunday, July 1, 2012

Online Resources for Expats Moving to Penang

Before I moved overseas, so many questions raced through my head. Where do I buy food? How do I find a doctor? Would I ever make friends? How do we handle banking? What will I do with myself all day? Luckily, I found online resources that helped answer these questions. Now, I send the following links to anyone who asks for advice on moving to Penang.

How to Handle Daily Life
Penang Momma is an excellent resource for daily expat life in Penang. It covers a wide variety of concerns, for example:
  •   Hospitals and pediatricians
  •   Finding a preschool
  •   Organic grocery stores
  •   Hiring  maids
  •   Ordering food at a hawker center 
If you have a young child, the Penang Mommas discussion group is a great place to ask other expat mothers your questions.

Living in Penang is another website with practical advice for foreigners.

Retiring in Penang
Both Pick of Penang and Retired in Malaysia are written by guys who have settled in Penang under the Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) visa program. Visit their blogs for insight on the cost of living, getting an automobile, housing,  banking, and other aspects to consider when committing to the long-term move. They also seem to get out after dark (unlike me) and have numerous recommendations for nightlife.

Fun Activities
Spiral Synergy hosts a variety of events every month. There's everything from Photo Workshops on the streets of historic Georgetown to the Furniture Confidential tour showing you where boutique hotels acquire their fabulous decor. If you're crafty, try Basket Making, Wooden Signboard Carving or Batik. The Stylish Shopping events are quite popular, and a Welcome to Penang Expo is on the calendar for September 8, 2012.

Meeting People
Personally, hanging out poolside at my condo and around my kids' school has been the best way for me to meet people. This year, I also plan to join the International Women's Association. Bowling, book clubs, wine dinners, and choir are just a few of their activities. If you're a foodie, Food Friends explores various epicurean delights around Penang.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Michele. :)

    1. The Discussion Group was such a huge help in figuring out where to live and to get advice about the international schools. I think it really made me less anxious about the big move overseas. Now that I'm in Penang, your site's tips have come in handy.

  2. Thanks very much for the kind words and mention. Yup, I do seem to spend too much time getting out after dark haha.

  3. Thank you for the mention Michele, I really appreciate it. This was a great post for those wanting to visit or move to Penang.

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